November  2019
"The Seagull sees farthest who flies highest"
(Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull)

At the opening of the newsletter for the third quarter of 2019, just before the end of the year and coming near the 20th anniversary of our pioneer organization, we are proud to unfold EEW's variety of ways of working for women's independence. Cross-cultural, by lingual, with multiple communities and ages, creating real change in women's lives, by encouraging business entrepreneurship and providing personal and professional tools that result in economic independence. 

In our quest to expand our vision and to expand our activities, an Advisory Board has been established and members from a variety of fields of knowledge and practice, will accompany us in a dynamic perspective on the path to renewal and innovation. They will also serve as our  ambassadors! 

Hannah Radu - Social Entrepreneur, Dr. Sami Bahat - Social Business Specialist, Lior Reshef - Social and Government Specialist, Matti Ram - Entrepreneur and Businessman, Ruth Wasserman Landa - Lecturer and Diplomat, Middle East Specialist. 


Thank you for accompanying us in our important mission. Your spirit pushes us to continue to create spheres of influence for, and with women.


                                                           Orly Klimshtein, CEO  


Sharon Baruch 

My name is Sharon, almost fifty, married and the mother of two daughters: Yuval, 20, a soldier, and Oren 13.5. 

For 27 years, I served in the IDF in a wide variety of positions dealing with, escorting and supporting soldiers. The philosophy that led me throughout the military service was that it was my duty as a commander to ensure a safe, respectful and supportive environment for the soldiers, both women and men, to enable them to carry out the military mission. 

I retired from the army at the rank of Lieutenant, and I am currently a human resources manager at Elisra Israel, which belongs to the Elbit group. 


I chose to volunteer at EEW, because I think everyone should contribute to others and to the society environment as well as best as they can. The second reason is the belief that financially independent women are more secure in themselves, stronger and more meaningful to their family and immediate surroundings. They strengthen and multiply power in Israeli society! 



The Art of Story Telling

The highlight of the last quarter was undoubtedly our marketing marathon for business owners. The day onthe art of storytelling was held in September at the First International Bank in Tel Aviv with great success. Productive and ongoing cooperation with the Bank Habenleomi FIBI and Matan contributed to a record number of business owners attending the conference, as well as distinguished guests from the Bank and from Matan. Opening the conference was Chairwomen of the Bank, Ms. Irit Isaacson, who's opening remarks were inspiring.  

The conference program included first-rate lecturers and mentors, business and social entrepreneur Hannah Radu and storytelling expert Hamutal Guri, alongside the workshops facilitated by Netta NadavNoa Epstein and Ronit Timsit who delivered excellent workshops, providing tools on how to tell my business story accurately. 

The purpose of the day was to provide practical tools for building an inspirational story that engages emotionally, is memorable, and takes a business forward - for a good story does not leave us at any point!


KURATE (my pride): A group for Ethiopian women 

A unique, colorful and fascinating venture was launched along with a group of Haifa embroiderers, women originally from Ethiopia, named KURATE created by the "Haifa-Boston Connection/Partnership" and in cooperation with the Haifa Municipality. During the past months, the group "embroidered" spectacular accessories and jewelry, designed and branded, with the help of a designer, graduate of EEW, Jenine Gulbert, for sale at a conference in October in Boston to mark the 30th  anniversary of the partnership. After this, we hope to accompany and train the women of the KURATE Group to set up a successful social business, with the help of our facilitator Ariella DukemanThank you to everyone who contributed to this pilot's success.



A Seminar on Women in workforce in KfarManda

80 women from Kfar Manda attended a successful "Women in the Workforce" seminar. They received important information about their future employment paths, along with various tools for creating a professional image. The day is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Kfar Manda Local municipality, the Ministry of Social Equality and EEW. FairuBechariah-Yassin, spoke on "The future of the workforce" and the integration of women into it, and Sabrin Hason-Tapesh lectured on "Creating a professional and effective image".


Financial Education

During September, two "Financial Education" courses opened simultaneously. The first in Rishon Lezion, in Hebrew, for business owners, EEW graduates, and the second course in Arabic, was in Jaffa in cooperation with "Arus Elbahar" and Mercantile Bank. Both programs are taught by our long-time facilitator Suhir Ze'atra, an expert financial consultant, who emphasizes the importance of independence in all areas of life, especially in the financial field.


"A Business of One's Own" program ended in the Rishon Lezion for the seventh time with a festive graduation ceremony and presentations of businesses, led by Tchelet Gunner Zarfati and EEW facilitators Danya Gallili and Ronit Timsit18 new business owners graduated successfully.  This summer, a program also ended in Ofakim and 13 new business owners joined the growing business community in Ofakim and the south. The program, led by the team EEW facilitators Eti Bello and Irit Barbee, was in cooperation the "Kanfei Tikva" association and the "Merkaz Zeirim" and supported by Pa'amei Tikva Foundation. 

"A Business of One's Own" also ended in Touran with 12 new businesswomen setting out on their way. The local municipality, and the FIBI  enabled the success of the program. It was unique the fact that most businesses are characterized as family businesses, and the graduates are now taking responsibility for opening and managing them.

Good luck to all of graduates. we will continue to stand alongside them in the business world.

 Towards the end of the year programs will end in Jerusalem municipality, Bait Vagan neighborhood (with the Jerusalem Municipality Employment centers  and  MATI Jerusalem

and in Ramat Gan (with the local Business Development center led by council member Adv. Haya Mena, Maof and the office of the local municipal advisor on the status of women).
  We are also preparing for end of the 2019 Business forum for EEW graduates in Be'er Sheva in cooperation with Maof and initiated by the Davidovich family.

Towards the end of the year programs will end in Jerusalem municipality, Bait Vagan neighborhood (with the Jerusalem Municipality Employment centers  and   MATI Jerusalem

and in Ramat Gan (with the local Business Development center led by council member Adv. Haya Mena, Maof and the office of the local municipal advisor on the status of women).

We are also preparing for end of the 2019 Business forum for EEW graduates in Be'er Sheva in cooperation with Maof and initiated by the Davidovich family.

Opening shortly: A Business of One's own in Ha'Or Ha'Ganuz in the Galilee, in Afula for Ethiopian Women, in Beit Shemesh and in Rishon Lezion.


A visit of a group of women from Shanghai China,active in various government institutions, on behalf of the Haifa municipality  took place in September.  The group met with EEWrepresentatives to learn about the programs and shared similar programs in China. From the meeting it emerged that women are dealing with similar issues in both countries and the gap between their status and options open to them in cities versus the villages and the periphery is very large. Therefor the group sought to learn mainly about EEWs work with women from the periphery in Israel.


A visit by a group from the St. Louis Jewish Federation, a longtime supporter of "A Business of One's Own" program, took place in October. The delegates attended a stained-glass workshop hosted by Naomi Hershkowitz, an EEW graduate, owner of a glass-stained glass studio in Haifa. Our guests heard about EEW activities and prepared spectacular glass decorations.


Sivan Weinreb, RESET Through the Screen, Mizpe Abirim.

My name is Sivan Weinreb, 31, lives in Mitzpe Abirim with my partner, our son Dor and my daughter, Maya.
 Business:  RESET Through The Screen. Workshops on conscious screen use.

With the help of two courses, A Business of One's Own in Western Galilee 2018, and a group facilitation course, I acquired all the tools needed to set up my business: "Conscious Screen Use". I deeply believe that you must learn how to properly navigate the technological world we live in, and set boundaries for using technology. Both the welcoming things that technology offers us, and the negative ones, such as effects on relationships with one's spouse, children, with friends and lack of leisure due to excessive and unconscious use of screens.  

I offer an experiential opportunity to raise awareness of the use of digital technology, while acquiring applicable tools that help. This is a personal and important empowerment process, where we take control back into our hands!


Orly Havkin


I was 26 when I first entered the Women's Liberation Movement in Tel Aviv for the first time because it was clear to me that what I wanted to do in my life was to empower women. Why clear? Because I grew up with a feminist mother who told me about the expectation from women to be excellent low-paid workers, excellent mothers, exemplary wives, and responsible for housework free or any rights. I knew I wanted to work to change this reality, but I didn't know how.
Then, about 20 years ago, I heard that a group of feminist activists had founded the "Economic Empowerment for Women," to train women to translate knowledge, and skills they have into a livelihood, through setting up an independent business.

"There it is !", I thought to myself, "this is the right way to financial independence" and I joined EEW.

Since then, I have been empowering hundreds of women in "A Business of One's Own" programs. The women undergo a process during which they strengthen their confidence in themselves, their abilities and value, agree that they deserve to make money, a lot, and learn how to do it right.




                                                             Sivan Sapir 

 Professional photographer 

Expert in family photography

.Pregnancy, children, smashcake etc


Facebook:  סיון ספיר-סטודיו לצילום 


   Sivan Sapir  is a "A Business of Your Own" alumni from Rishon LeZion 2019                                                      


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